About Us

Quem nós somos?

A Lorenzo Expeditions é uma agência de viagens que promove um turismo sustentável em que as atividades turísticas são compatíveis com a conservação da natureza. Somos uma agência que sente que, como Agentes de Turismo, é nossa responsabilidade cuidar e manter o país que nos proporcionou tanto. Para atender a esse objetivo, a Inka Jungle Trail instituiu um programa que nos permite alcançar nossas responsabilidades culturais, ambientais, sociais e econômicas para a região de Cusco.

We have already implemented one such program which seeks to re-educate the local farmers about planting and harvesting techniques which will slow the deforestation process and recuperate eroded soils in our national rainforest. We have also taken steps to help in the reduction of rural poverty, which has become a serious problem in our region of Peru.

It is our intention to offer our customers the same dedication to principles and eco consciousness that we have already displayed with our social and cultural community projects. Along with any tours that you do with us, please don’t hesitate to ask us about how you too could get involved in the bettering of our beautiful Cusco.

From this web page, you can book anything that you will need for your Andean Adventure, including eco-conscious tours, accommodations, and even transfers. We will ensure that you have the best possible Machu Pichu experience for just a fraction of the cost of booking through other, high cost agencies.